We can't say this enough, because it still feels like so many people aren't in the know:

Boise has some great food.

If you enjoy fine dining, casual, something exotic, or just a new place to try, you really can't throw a stone in downtown Boise without running into a very tasty place to eat. Trust us, there have been bad restaurants in downtown Boise throughout the years, but they tend not to last because of the steep competition.

Keep Scrolling To Discover The Worst Pizza Chain In America With Only One Location In Idaho, But 75 In California

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Sorry to ruin your childhood (or your child's childhood that they're currently living through), but Delishably.com named Chuck E. Cheese as the worst pizza chain restaurant in North America. Ouch.

The good news is, it's easily avoidable if you live in Idaho, because there's only one location in the entire state: In Boise.

If you're one of those folks who finds Chuck E. Cheese's pizza pies to be delicious, maybe heading West may be your best option. California is home to seventy five Chuck E. Cheese locations.

The Question Remains...Is Their Pizza That Bad?

For this humble writer, the last time spent enjoying a pizza pie at Chuck E. Cheese was at a friend's kid's birthday party way back in 2011. Was it the greatest pizza creation I've ever stumbled upon? Absolutely not. Was it deserving of the "Worst Pizza In America" moniker? I honestly can't say it wasn't nearly that bad. Definitely not going to have Chuck E. Cheese cater my next party, but turning down a free slice won't be happening either.


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