Here we go again. Boise makes another list and is becoming so reminiscent of 2007 before the recession. I remember making evert list week after week to day after day. Boise is back and booming.

If you're looking for a job you might wanna think about stopping off in Boise. WalletHub just announced their best cities for jobs and Boise cracked the top 10.

Getting tired of your job? Co-workers? Maybe you're just looking for a change. Boise, Idaho might want to be a place that you explore as the city of trees comes in ranked at number 10.

This statistic is coming the way of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' according to their latest jobs report. The report also explains that things are looking up for college students looking to graduate with a job. Expect a 5.8 percent increase in hires this year.

Ahead of Boise is Scottsdale, San Francisco, Austin, Fremont, Boston, and Portland. That's not bad company to be mentioned behind and especially when it comes to job growth. Denver, Salt Lake City, and Seattle all trail Boise in this study. I've spoken with several business owners and finding employees is a challenge because so many people have jobs. This report is legit and you can find more below.


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