Clearly that's not me in the main pic. I'm not nearly that fit right now.

After a summer of fun, vacations, going away parties, moving, starting a new job and buying a house, working out and eating healthy really took a back seat.

BUT I'm back on my grind. I've started meal prepping, I'm embarking on an elimination diet and went to my first class at my new gym, Kvell!

I love working out and people always ask me "how do you stay motivated?". The truth is, I'm not always motivated. I fall off just like everyone else. I've definitely slacked since moving to Boise just because life has been too hectic to workout. But you can fall off and come back. Most people don't stay on the hustle continually. It's normal to get unmotivated or get too busy to stay on track once in a while. All you have to do is make sure you check yourself when that happens and reprioritize!

Last night, I was exhausted. I wake up at 4a every morning for the show and typically am not in bed until 10:30 lately. I had laundry to do, dishes, shopping for Keke's birthday, plus a had to get my house just overall ready to host a friend in town this weekend. I promised myself I'd work out yesterday, so even with all of that, I put down what I was working on at home and headed to Kvell downtown. The workout was dope and I'm super sore today. So grateful that I made the choice to just go and get it in!

Now, that's only one day. You have to continually find reasons to stick to your schedule and goals. My goal is to make it to Kvell a minimum of 3x/week. Everyone has different things that motivate them. Identify what motivates you, write it down and then go get it!

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