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Who else is exciting for the NETFLIX Original movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie? There were so many rumors floating around the country, fan hysteria trying to decypher each interview like it was the decoder ring from Ralphie's decoder ring in A Christmas Story.

It's official now and Aaron Paul is blasting social media with all the tasty details including the chance of a lifetime. Be Kind and win this trip. Full details at the bottom for this big contest. Now, let's get to the sticky movie details.

We have a trailer Idaho! I was kind of confused in the beginning but I get that everything has just been a teaser. This is your first official trailer. Before I give you this video understand we might have some good news and bad news. The Breaking Bad Movie "El Camino" might not premiere anywhere in Boise. I know. The sad thing is we have special screenings all over the country with the exception of Aaron's hometown in Boise.

Spoiler Alert: I did ask his amazing mother and she won't confirm or deny anything. That is one smart woman who refused to step over the line when it comes to family. All that said, we both kept up a glare that said to me, "What do you think Aaron would do Keke?" Now, she didn't say it but I could mentally hear those words which mean...I have no idea. I would drop money on Aaron making his way to Boise to do something. That's just who that man is. We'll keep you posted but we have an official trailer including some posts from Aaron. Pay very close attention to the voice at the end of the clip. Yea, I caught it!

Full disclaimer that I'm 100% biased towards Aaron considering he worked in this building, is from our hood and cares about his community. I'm not sure how many millions of his followers saw this message years ago but I've never forgotten it. I applaud what his wife does with the Kind Campaign and it's great to see celebrities funnel that power to inspire people. I've met Aaron one time in our hallways to talk about dad life and it was quick. That's my dude right there - Good luck my man and still waiting for Dos Hombres to hit shelves in Boise.

Here's Aaron's IG post on how to get that VIP treatment to see the movie. Can you imagine getting picked up by the crew to watch his movie all because you entered into a contest? Just think of what your IG would look like for that weekend. Take a moment.

First Teaser from movie

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