It's not very often that I am able to skip town and get a little vacation in. Each year, I make it a point to leave town for at least a little bit between the months of December and January when things around the radio station are a little slower. This year has obviously been a total trip (not the kind I want to take) and I'm dying to get out of town. The catch? Well, we're only living through a global pandemic, right? Currently I have a trip planned for December to see some friends in Arizona and frankly, it isn't looking likely. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a miracle, though.

While flight prices are as low as ever, a pretty crazy special was just announced today: $49 one-way, nonstop flights to and from Boise. Orange County, anyone?

As we learned this afternoon, Allegiant Airlines will be ADDING a nonstop flight between Boise and Orange County, California. The flights are set to begin in February of 2021 so no, you won't be able to catch any of these for the holidays.

In a release by the national airline, the Vice President of Planning & Revenue Drew Wells said:

"We're excited to offer travelers another gateway into Southern California, as well as into the Pacific Northwest in 2021,"   "We are continuing to expand Allegiant's network to provide customers with even more convenient, nonstop options for any travel occasion."

Safe travels out there and here's to hoping that things are at least a LITTLE more normal by February of 2021.



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