Leaving a club on Friday or Saturday immediately leads us to a place to grab food at 2:30 in the morning. I'm not about pizza, I was about pitas. The keyword is "was". 

Like clockwork, we all get out of the club and I head for Pita Pit then get an Uber home. Those dreams have been dashed for me and my friends who stand in line people-watching while the most random pairing of veggies, meat and sauces are wrapped up and rolled in the Pita Pit paper then torn off in a circle around the top.

You know exactly what I'm talking about if you've ever been. It's an art.

For 16 years, the Pita Pit has been at 746 W. Main Street. At the end of last month, the doors closed sending us all to grab pizza or a hot dog on the corner.

The place where Pita Pit was will be revived into something new - owned by the same person.

Think of the hope in my eyes right now as I am learning the old Pita Pit will be a new deli-type sandwich location open when I would typically head to get a pita. The post-club habits don't have to be changed. In just a couple of months, the new, mysterious sandwich location will open filling our fall nights with breakfast options, too.

Are those angels singing?

I am so curious (nosey) when I see a business close their doors and wonder what's next. This, my friends, is what's next. See you out on the weekends!

Side note: The Pita Pit locations on Broadway in Boise, Overland in Meridian, 12th Ave South in Nampa and Blaine St. in Caldwell are still open.

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