Just in time for Mother's Day! :)

Today is National Truffle Day, and the timing for this holiday couldn't be more perfect. We now have the whole week to prepare something special for our wonderful moms — consider getting her some amazing chocolate truffles.

According to National Today, two of the most popular ways to celebrate National Truffle Day are to get truffles or make truffles — I would add that another good way to celebrate is by gifting truffles.

They also say, "Right now, we are honoring the great truffle — a beloved chocolate dessert. It comes with finger-licking surprises ranging from added fruits and nuts to cream centers. This holiday is also an opportunity to show off your culinary skills to entertain friends and family."

Keep scrolling to check out the Top 5 Places for Chocolate Truffles in Boise (information gathered by Yelp and reviews).

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