I have never needed to hear that phrase more than today!! Oh I was MAD!!! As a matter of fact I'm still mad which explains why I'm about to rant... maybe not rant but definitely share with you what is most likely the greatest feeling of helplessness I've felt in a long time.

As I drove up Broadway towards the 84 the light turned red, I noticed the car next to me had two people inside of it and they were both vaping. My first thought was... isn't vaping killing people lately? What happened next is what made me lose my mind!!! The traffic in the vaping car moved forward enough for me to have line of sight with the rear seat of the car and there they were, two little baby's in the back seat of this vape filled, confined space, two innocent bystanders stuck in a sealed capsule breathing this potentially deadly and addictive substance.

Who in their right mind would do this to their kids? I get it if you have no regard for your health or your life but the least you could do is protect your kids and at least give them a chance to live theirs. I wanted to get out of my car and yell at these people, I wanted to pull the kids out of the car, I wanted to call child protective services, and then I realized if I did any of those things I'd look like the crazy one. I felt so helpless but most of all I felt disappointed.

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