Tis the season...ugly sweater season that is! From time to time during this holiday's, I google "Awesome Sweaters". This year, I wanted to see what's going to be ruling the ugly sweater streets. I am concerned. I mean, the sweater I have on deck for this Thursday's (DEC 11th) Ugly Sweater Party I'm throwing at Cowgirls in Kuna is CLASSIC. So, I'm kind of setting the bar! Since there is a cash prize I wanted to make sure the bar is set pretty high! Here's what I found on the inter-web. We might have to step up our ugly sweater game up. #GameOn and see you this Thursday!

I wish I had the simple electronic intelligence to pull this off! I would attempt to do a "Star Wars" epic "Ugly Sweater" train setup! Well, game on! Cowgirls in Kuna this Thursday, lets see some weird sweaters! For more info about Cowgirls (Location, Directions, THE FREE PARTY BUSS) Click here.


Also, take the party bus! Here's why - when you take the party bus, the bar tab for your whole night is on us! FREE BOOZE, The best dance floor in the Valley, and awesome sweaters! I'll see you Thursday night.. party starts at 10pm!





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