Are you getting tired of hearing about everyone moving TO Idaho? A recent trip to the airport and some conversations with flight attendants taught us that while folks really are moving to Idaho quickly, there are a lot that are moving OUT of the state, too.

A recent study has done some digging to find out where Idahoans are moving to--yes, there are plenty LEAVING our state, too.

Idahoans Are Moving Away to These 12 States

These days, it seems that everyone in Idaho is complaining about the amount of people moving to our state. The influx of residents is certainly real, but how often do we look at the folks moving OUT of Idaho? It's going on and these 12 states, by far, are "stealing" the most Idahoans away from us!

Did any of these states surprise you? 

Maybe you're new to the area and searching for a new gig--or just need one that pays a little better? Idaho is a pretty cheap place to live, comparatively, but the cost of living isn't getting cheaper by any means!

The 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Boise

According to the latest figures published on the Idaho Department of Labor's website, these are the highest paying jobs in "Boise City." That region includes Ada, Canyon, Boise and Gem counties.

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