It's a normal night at your favorite bar, you buy the same lottery ticket you always buy, only this time it's worth a TON of money.

Stubs Sports Pub in Boise sells lottery tickets (they also have an amazing staff), which is not uncommon for an Idaho drinking establishment. What happened to David Smith recently at Stubs is very very uncommon.

He bought an Idaho Lottery ticket, checked to see if he had one anything, and the machine told him to contact the Idaho Lottery Commission. Winner, winnner, chicken dinner. Smith explains:

I ran out the door and I said 'this is so unreal,' and I said 'I can't go back in there,' so I called my wife and said 'bring the food, meet me at the truck, we're going home.'

Smith then cashed in his Ultimate Diamond Jackpot ticket for $369,000, the largest jackpot in the game's existence.

What's that fat pile of cash going toward? Smith says he wants to put some toward a college fund, but we know the real deal. He's going to be buying a butt-load of tacos at Stubs for 'Taco Tuesdays.'

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