Not going to lie. This sucks.

As of February 1st, you are no longer able to purchase liquor at one of our favorite bars in downtown Boise, Idaho.

Thanks to some weird, complicated legislature, the team at Space Bar in Boise are no longer to sell liquor to customers, something they've been doing for years.

If you've never been, Space Bar is an amazing bar/arcade in downtown Boise that's been a fan favorite for a long time. Personally, this writer has visited numerous times, gone through pockets full of quarters, and enjoyed the visit every single time.

While the reasoning behind it is a bunch of government mumbo jumbo, Space Bar would (at this point in time) pay up to $300,000 to purchase a liquor license for their establishment. That's a lot of cash, and Space Bar is asking for your help.

They've created a Kick Starter campaign to help raise funds to hopefully help them procure a liquor license as soon as possible. Or, a better solution, get the laws changed so businesses we love like Space Bar don't end up in dire situations like this one.

If you'd like to help, more details on the Kick Starter for Space Bar can be found here.


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