Oh, Idaho. The land of political debate that never ends. Perhaps one of the most conservative states in the nation and one where freedom is a top priority.

Unless you want to do something that goes against what the state legislators believe to be "good".

We could write an entire list of things that Idaho has either banned, or wants to ban (books, by the way, would be on that list)--but one of the most long-standing debates? Marijuana.

There are layers to the debate, layers we don't have much time or care to go through but one thing is certain: Idaho is becoming more and more in the minority when it comes to not legalizing marijuana in any form--not even medicinally. Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Montana--all who share a border with Idaho--have legalized marijuana in some way shape or form.

With April 20th or "4/20" quickly approaching, many folks who smoke marijuana might have a little extra fun.  Folks in Idaho probably don't even know what 4/20 is!

According to Google, 4/20 is the 'unofficial' day of the year to celebrate cannabis and it was established in the 70's, when a group of high school kids would meet to smoke the weed at 4:20 each day. What an impact they had on the culture.

Will Idaho be doing anything about 4/20? Probably not. But just minutes from the Treasure Valley, a popular (and recently top rated) dispensary is throwing a block party.
Even Idahoans can attend.

According to their social media page, there will be vendors, music, entertainment, discounts on the things that they sell, and even a taco truck--all hanging out in their parking lot for the duration of 4/20. 

Other posts with information include massive discounts on products and drawings for huge prizes. Do people really celebrate 4/20!?

If you like tacos and live entertainment, maybe you should go?

We know that Idahoans wouldn't go inside of the store to purchase their products, but maybe the block party is just the break from the office you need? Happy trails on your commute to Ontario, tomorrow.

A masked man recently offered several people weed in downtown Boise and it was captured on video. No Boise residents accepted. You can see a recap of this, below: 

Boise Residents React to Masked Man Offering Weed

What do people think about the weeds in Boise? According to this video footage, most have no interest in it.

Here's a look at some of the dispensaries one might find near the Idaho & Oregon border:

Dispensaries You Can Find in Ontario, Oregon

The State of Oregon has legalized marijuana for some time now. Dispensaries continue to pop up across the state although the "joke" or "reality", whichever you want to embrace, really points to the fact that Ontario seems to serve a lot of Idahoans.
Here are just some of the places you can legally purchase marijuana in Ontario.

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We asked the people of Boise why they want weed legalized in the state of Idaho... and they bring up some valid points!

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