Shortly before their appearance at the 2021 Idaho's Largest Garage Sale, HGTV's Boise Boys were shooting their brand new spinoff right here in the Treasure Valley. 

Linzie Sawyer/John L. Scott Real Estate
Linzie Sawyer/John L. Scott Real Estate

The concept of the show, Outgrown, was so cool. Rather than finding some a property that was in desperate need of some TLC and flipping it into something wonderfully modern, they worked with local home owners to renovate spaces that just weren't working for their families anymore. To be cast on the show, the families had to have a minimum budget of $75,000 to put toward their renovation budget. It aired on HGTV and Discovery+ last fall.

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One of the houses they remodeled was located at 1413 S Leadville in Boise. The Givens family loved their house and it was in a fantastic location close to Boise State, the Greenbelt, Boise River and parks. It was a great starter house, but when the couple had two kids they realized it wasn't functional. The episode was titled "Layout Dysfunction."

The house was listed for sale on Friday and while we were preparing this article, it received an offer and is now pending. Take a look around, because if the offer falls through, it could be yours. If not, scroll past the tour! There are a handful of Boise Boys renovated homes available to rent on Airbnb!

Adorable Home Remodeled on the Boise Boys' New TV Show For Sale

This cute home in Boise was featured in the episode "Layout Dysfunction" during Season 1 of the Boise Boys' Outgrown. Despite the great remodel, the family who lived here for years is selling it.

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