With two shows on HGTV, Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson are probably as responsible for Boise's housing boom as Idaho itself. Each "Outgrown" or "Boise Boys" episode is a marketing piece for how great living in the Treasure Valley is. When they have something to say, we listen. So do the millions of Nationwide viewers that tune in. 

Recently, the Boise Boys did an interview for Realtor.com about making your home more efficient and cost-effective as we get into the heat of summer. As Boise is in the midst of a triple-digit heat wave, their tips are more relevant than ever.  

One of the tips that we think is super smart and super easy is ensuring that your air conditioning unit isn't in direct sunlight. We're not suggesting that you move your unit, but the Boise-based reality stars recommend landscaping around your unit. By keeping it in the shade, it will stay cooler and not have to work so hard to cool your home.  

So, how can you keep your unit shaded? There are a few suggestions that most landscaping and air conditioning experts agree on. They include:

  • Keep plants two to three feet from your unit.
  • Avoid plants with thorns, attract bees or have leaves that fall.
  • Potted plants and evergreen trees are good options.
  • Consider surrounding the unit with lattice.

The Boise reality stars have plenty of other tips that could save you money this summer HERE.    

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