Idaho has been known to go viral from time to time. Whether it's an insane sports play, a totally funny moment caught on camera, an "only in Idaho" event, or something coming from the Idaho State Capitol Building--it seems there's always something.

With over 10 Million views on TikTok--we were shocked to learn that this viral video that has made its rounds on the viral video platform, was filmed right here in Idaho, by an Idahoan!

She goes by 'ClenDingDong' on the popular social media app and for just over 10 seconds, is able to 'translate' and follow along with a popular and viral hip-hop song using sign language!

Full transparency-- it isn't the radio edit!

Here's a closer look at the TikTok over 10 Million people have viewed and reacted to online!

Millions Watch & Share Viral Sign Language TikTok

What an amazing talent! Have you seen this video?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

What songs would you like to see this user 'sign', next? Perhaps a Taylor Swift song!?

Hundreds if not thousands of TikTok users jumped online to leave comments for ClenDingDong--telling her how great she did, how skilled she is, and what songs should be next!

Obviously, lyrics in a lot of hip-hop songs are a little unpredictable, so this particular song was "interesting", at the least, to see signed.

After watching the Grammy awards this weekend, perhaps a Taylor Swift song could be next up!?

Take a look at ClenDingDong's viral video for yourself, below:

@clendingdongthree years of asl got me (normal speed edition)

♬ original sound - Onesexymothertrucker

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