An Idaho police officer's TikTok account has been making waves across the nation recently and now, he's cashing out. Officer Silvester was mocking LeBron James' commentary on an incident involving police elsewhere in the country. The video has since received a ton of traffic--millions of views--and while some say the whole video is harmless and in good fun, others say he crossed a line.

So, after all of this drama online from both sides of the argument, a WHOLE LOT of money has been raised. What's the cause? Well, according to the GoFundMe-- it's Officer Silvestertwitters personal bank account. As of this afternoon (Tuesday, May 4th, 2021) we're looking at a total of $438,763.

In the description of the page created by someone who says they're a friend of Officer Silvester's, it says:

 I started this GoFundMe to help out my friend Nate due to his suspension without pay over a viral TikTok. As I stated originally, the future of his job is still unclear, so I started this GoFundMe to help him. He is the sole beneficiary from this account. Therefore, 100% of the funds collected from this GoFundMe account will go directly into Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester’s personal bank account. Period. They are 100% his to do what he wants with them. Period.


While the Bellevue Marshal's Office has not publicly commented on the steps they have taken to handle this issue internally, the only idea of action has come from that very description. They did share in a statement however that Silvester's actions are not how they expect their deputies to act while on the clock.


You can see the GoFundMe for yourself, HERE.


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