If you use the ParkMobile app when parking in downtown Boise, we’ve got some unfortunate news for you:

Like everything else these days, it will be increasing its fees starting this Friday, April 1st. 


The City of Boise recently announced that in order to use the app, the fee will increase to 35 cents per transaction, in order to cover the processing costs. 

Since Boise initially adopted the parking meters in 2015, the cost has been 25 cents per transaction. 

While this is seen as a very minor change, many people are frustrated about yet another thing raising its price within the Treasure Valley. 


A local bartender spoke out about her frustration with the rising cost, because she parks her car downtown for hours at a time, every single day:


“The parking in downtown Boise is already a dumpster fire: there’s not nearly enough, the times and rates are all different, and the parking attendants give out expensive tickets left and right… Why are we adding more fees onto this list?” - Leah C.


Others have argued that perhaps Boise should start adopting more options for public transportation, rather than raising the prices for parking:


“Many of us who park downtown during the metered hours are people who work downtown, but we don’t have any other options.” - Sara W. 


Whatever their reasoning is, it’s clear that Idahoans are sick of seeing prices increase with no real solutions or end in sight. 

To learn more about the parking options in Boise, including a map, click here.

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