It bears repeating that firearms are not allowed in your carry-on luggage. It bears repeating because it's happened yet again in Boise.

This is the third time we're writing about this in a span of six months, yet people in the Treasure Valley still aren't getting the message. KTVB reports that two more loaded handguns were discovered at the Boise Airport last week. The first was a .45 pistol found in a man's carry-on luggage, the other a Glock pistol was found on a woman traveling to Denver. TSA agents immediately responded to both instances, and as of this writing there were no incidents at either discovery.

For those playing at home, that marks the 21st and 22nd gun found in carry-on luggage at Boise airports in 2017. This flies past last year's record of 16 guns discovered in 2016.

This is still very much illegal. Any person found with a handgun at an airport checkpoint can face state charges as well as local charges, and may have to pay almost $8,000 in fines.


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