Say it isn’t so!  The country’s most popular pizza topping is in short supply.  Pepperoni is the latest item suddenly hard to find.  It’s costing some restaurants dearly.  The price for the sausage has in some cases doubled.  Fox News blames two possibilities.  Pork processing facilities have been hit hard by Covid-19 outbreaks.  At some plants several hundred people were at times at home and recovering from a diagnosis.

Another possibility relates to the previous shortage of frozen pies.  People confined at home were baking a lot of pizzas and it meant a spike in pepperoni consumption. 

People confined at home were baking a lot of pizzas and it meant a spike in pepperoni consumption.

I can eat just about any topping on pizza, so long as it’s not called pineapple.  There are times when I want nothing more than onions, green peppers and mushrooms.  You can also substitute other meats.  I’ve found I like ham and even sometimes sausage.  Chicken is fine.  Especially with wing sauce.  And as long as the shortage isn’t impacting salami or soppressata then I can easily replace pepperoni.

Doctors also tell me skipping any of the pork toppings could prolong my life.  Look, I even like anchovies but admit I haven’t found any on pizza in probably more than 25 years.  For the most part, I never met a pizza I didn’t like.  Aside from any pie covered in pineapple.  You know, there’s a place where I’ve gone and tried the pizza buffet.  I sometimes wonder if the owner has stock in a pineapple farm.  I’ve found myself scraping it off slices and yet.  You still get the overly sweet and syrupy taste.  It belongs as a topping for a banana split.  Atop pizza it’s anathema!

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