There are a TON of license plate options here in Idaho--probably more than you know of.  In fact, I found a graphic on the DMV website that shows there are a grand total of forty (40) custom plates offered by the State of Idaho. From the National Guard to Mountain Biking, The Rotary Club to 4H Club, there are plates for everyone (you can see a full list of these custom plates, HERE).

Maybe I should stand corrected...there are plates for everyone except pet owners.  In fact, I bet the number of pet owners in the state out number the groups of any other respective custom plates in Idaho.  So why isn't there a custom plate for pet owners? Well, soon there could be.

Bipartisan legislation has been presented (yes, apparently it's that serious in Idaho) for plates that could be purchased by pet owners with funds going towards low-cost spay and neuter costs. Seems like a pretty great cause to me! Idaho is actually the #1 state in the country for most-dogs owned! That's a TON of puppies. Of course, all funds will stay in Idaho.

Last year the idea was shot down in the state legislature despite the popularity. Some legislators felt that the Humane Society goes against the agriculture world in one way or another.

Regardless, another vote will be coming soon and pet owners may finally be able to have a cat on their license plates! I'll be the first in line.

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