I have never been one for witty custom license plates--I just don't love anything enough to throw it on some plates. However I really do have an appreciation for a well done custom plate.  Of course, witty words and phrases are the only option for your license plate. Just last week I went by the DMV to get my new vehicle registered and when I was grabbing my license plates, I had absolutely no idea that there were SO MANY special plates available. Whether you want to show your love for animals or wave the colors of your alma mater here in Idaho--there's a license plate for you.

State senator Cherie Buckner-Webb has presented to the Idaho Transportation Department and idea for yet another custom plate-- this one is 'Too Great For Hate'.

According to Buckner-Webb, Idaho has occasionally been perceived as less than welcoming to those from "the outside"-- she hopes this license plate will send a message. The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, home of the Anne Frank Memorial, would be the recipient of funds from these license plates.

What do you think about the proposed plates? I think we can all agree that LESS hate or certainly NO hate is ideal-- would these plates help the cause?

Read about the proposed plates for yourself, HERE.

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