Do you bank with Pioneer Federal Credit Union? The bank is sending out warnings here in the Treasure Valley asking you to be extremely cautious of any phone calls you may receive today.

I woke up this morning to a text from my mom telling me to ignore any phone calls from Pioneer Federal Credit Union about my account. I didn't think anything of it until this afternoon as I saw the bank itself issuing the same warning. Mother always knows best, I suppose.

According to a release from Pioneer Federal Credit Union's social media accounts, members have reported receiving phone calls from a number that claims to be the Pioneer Federal Credit Union Fraud Department. The credit union is warning the public: this simply isn't them nor would they ask for your account information. While this scam seems to be going on in the Treasure Valley, it is always entirely possible that your bank may need to reach you at one point or another.  To be safe, Pioneer Federal Credit Union is suggesting you give NOBODY that calls your personal or banking information and instead, hang up and call their contact center yourself. Pioneer Federal Credit Union's Contact Center can be reached at: (208) 587-3304

See the Facebook post from PFCU, below:

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