This week for a limited time only - Pokemon meets Justin Bieber with some free cash for EVERYONE that wins! It's all about Poke-Money-River-Bieber.

Final Bieber

It looks like everyone is out of data thanks to the new Pokemon Go phenomena. I just spoke to someone tonight that rang up $300 dollars in charges on their phone bill. Well, you're in luck this week. We teamed up with our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union to give you some cash relief for that data you've been using. Here's what you win all week with Kissclusive extra ways to win with Friends with Benefits.

Following prizes provided by Pioneer Federal Credit Union:

  • $30 in cash from.
  • $10 in cash from PFCU.
  • Selfie Stick from.
  • Cell phone card and driver's license holder.
  • chap stick.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Star Carabiner.
  • Pens.
  • Tube to float the river.
  • EVERYONE receives new Justin Bieber featuring Major Laser/Ed Sheeran.

Sponsored by Pioneer Federal Credit Union where you can raise your credit score, lower your monthly payments and eliminate high interest credit balances.

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