When I lived in Spokane, Washington there was a trail similar to our greenbelt called the Centennial Trail. It was popular for running, walking, biking, and enjoying the river. At night, this trail was pretty notorious for crime.  Settled along the trail was my campus, Gonzaga University. The school always over-communicated to us-- don't go running up the trial at night or early morning alone. Take your friends or better yet, wait until the sun is up.

Luckily, here in Boise we don't have that looming un-safe vibe along our greenbelt. Unfortunately last week, an attack occurred along the river-- mid-daylight. A woman with went looking for her dog after he ran off his leash and as she strayed off of the path, was attacked. She's ok and so is her dog--but the suspect is still out there.

The most recent development here is that the Boise Police have released a sketch of the suspect. Below you can see what the authorities are hoping will ring a bell with you.

Know who it is? Have information? You're encourage to call 911 immediately.

Read more, HERE.

Courtesy: Boise Police Department
Courtesy: Boise Police Department

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