Okay, this is just hilarious. 

There’s a meme floating around the internet that a bunch of locals have been commenting on, and all we’ve got to say is…

We’ve got questions.





At first they had our curiosity, now they have our attention...

Because people’s responses have us absolutely dumbfounded.


First of all, how would we even define “poor people food”? Like, how do we even measure this?

Because these responses have us questioning:

  1. Whether we’re actually pretty poor? Because some of these answers were not what we’d qualify as a poor person’s food.

Hell, some of these are freaking top notch – like, we’d be stoked to be eating these – types of food.


  1. Whether you all are actually super rich? 

If you’re saying some of these items are for poor people, you must be rolling in the green!


  1. Maybe we just need a better parameter for what determines low income food options? Because these answers were all across the board. 

We are clearly not on the same page.


So what foods were listed, you might be wondering?


  • Mac and cheese

Hold up. Mac and cheese?! Why are we choosing violence with these answers?


  • Biscuits and gravy

This is still one of our favorite breakfast meals.


  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Classic and delicious, you can't convince us otherwise.


  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Shut up. This is one of the greatest combinations, and the ultimate comfort food.


  • Hamburger helper

We grew up on this stuff, and we've always loved it!


  • Bologna

One of our best buddies makes bologna sandwiches nearly every day.


  • Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes was always one of the coolest meals as a kid!


  • Boiled eggs

Um, excuse us. Boiled eggs are healthy and delicious.


  • Hot dogs

We don't want to know what's in them, but we love them.


  • Tacos

Are you freaking kidding? We could eat tacos every day until the day we die.


  • Fried green tomatoes

SO yummy, plus this is an incredible '90's movie.


You know what?

As we write this out, we can’t help but wonder: are we poor, extremely hungry, or just not picky eaters?

Because all we’re saying is, we’d be stoked about every single item on this list, no matter how rich or poor we were. If this is for poor people, we don't want to be rich!

Perhaps we should actually just throw the whole notion of “poor people food” out the window entirely?

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