Hayden Panettiere has checked into a treatment center for postpartum depression. Mijo seems to think postpartum is minor and Hayden has the luxury of seeking help because she's a celebrity. I'm a mom and I KNOW it's real. In fact and know there are resources for everyone. 

Mijo isn't wrong in thinking that postpartum depression isn't a real thing or is something you can just "snap out of". He knows only about the women around him (including his mother) and just assumed this was something you could just push aside.

I can't fault him for thinking that way. I can, however, educate him on what postpartum is and the fact that you can't just shake it off and move right along in life. Also, we DO have resources. Several of them. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments below.

Postpartum Depression: Depression that occurs after childbirth.

Symptoms: Might include insomnia, loss of appetite, intense irritability, and difficulty bonding with the baby.

People May Experience:

  • Mood: anger, anxiety, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, inability to feel pleasure, loneliness, loss of interest, mood swings, panic attack, or sadness
  • Cognitive: lack of concentration, thought disorder, or unwanted thoughts
  • Psychological: depression, fear, or repeatedly going over thoughts
  • Sleep: insomnia, nightmares, or sleep deprivation
  • Behavioral: crying, irritability, or social isolation
  • Whole body: exhaustion, fatigue, or loss of appetite
  • Weight: weight gain or weight loss
  • Also common: restlessness

Resources in the Treasure Valley:


Disclaimer: We are not doctors, nor do we claim to be. While we'd love to have an M.D. following our name, we don't. The information about postpartum depression has been shared via the Mayo Clinic and are opinions of our own. The resources above aren't endorsed by us, specifically, but are listed as resources for women in the Treasure Valley. 

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