Who can turn down a great deal like this? Our Boise Facebook Marketplace has a steal of a deal online and while I don't have the $20 to spend on it, maybe you do!

I have no idea why I'm seeing this marketplace posting all over the place on my timeline today but nevertheless, it's a huge opportunity.

As the listing states, you can buy this one, 'Premium Dorito In A Jar' for just $20 in Kuna, Idaho. Kuna is a quick 15 minute drive outside of Boise, Idaho. The posting has been up for three days now. How has nobody scooped up this chip yet?

As the classified posting states:

This is the most UNIQUE, CRISP, EXTRAVAGANT chip you will ever have. If you ever feel like you need a friend because you are stuck up in quarantine, this chip will be your friend. It’s beauty and grace will make a great conversation piece in any given situation. Get any lady, man or anyone else with this corn chip. Some may say it is a lucky Dorito, having it being one of the most popular chip on the market this will give you plenty of luck.

Interested in buying this for yourself or a loved one? Click HERE.

If spending those $20 is a little out of your budget for the premium Dorito, how about finding a hidden treasure for free? This Dorito took me down a rabbit hole of absurd classified postings. Did you know there is a whole lot of (weird) stuff available for free? Not all of it is weird...but I think everything is random.

Interested in some horse manure? Who wouldn't be. A big pile of manure is available for free in Wilder, Idaho, and they'll even help you load it out!  For more on the manure, click HERE.

It's never too early to start planning for Halloween, right? How about you dress up as a Domino's delivery driver for next Halloween?  These official delivery driver polos are available for free right here in Boise, Idaho. Interested? Click HERE.

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