There may be no worse feeling on Earth. You're enjoying your favorite beverage that you've been drinking loyally for years, when you're stopped dead in your tracks: That same beverage you adore just posted an ad that goes against your moral code.

What's one to do?

Do you go against your gut feeling and continue to enjoy your tasty treat, or do you stand up for what you believe is right and switch to a different product to sip? That's the rub. There isn't a simple answer.

If this sounds outrageous, know that in 2023, a vocal minority of Bud Light drinkers are irate that the brand decided to feature a transgender actor in one of their recent ads. They're so mad, in fact, that local farmers have even taken to violence.

If you can't drink Bud Light, what can you choose to satiate your thirst in 2023 without going against everything you stand for?

Bud Light Alternatives

If you can't drink your favorite beer anymore because reasons, here's what we recommend.

Of course we're joking! Yeesh.

If you actually are looking for something good to drink, we'd recommend literally any bar in downtown Boise. Every local drinking spot has its own charms, and if a watering hole isn't up to snuff, they don't tend to stay open very long.

So drink away Boise! So many options, so many liquids, so little time.

By the way, if you read this far, and you're still mad, just remember: We get a new episode of Ted Lasso this week, so life ain't so bad!

You don't watch Ted Lasso? Maybe you really do need a Bud Light.

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