It has been a weird year, a weird few weeks, and nothing is getting any more "normal". I've got to show some love and say thanks to the team up at Cascade Raft & Kayak for helping some close friends and I push through it all.

Amid EVERYTHING around us falling through for the year-- concerts, graduation events, and so on, after a while I think "cabin fever" finally hit me. I'm SO used to being busy, I find myself pacing around or spending unnecessarily large amounts of money on Amazon on the weekends now. Not good for anyone!

This past weekend, I talked some friends into coming whitewater rafting with me. All but just a few had ever been and I was excited to take them along. If you know me, you know that I'm an avid there were plenty of jokes going around about me being OUTDOORS for once. Rafting has always been one of my favorite summer activities and I haven't made it up in a couple of summers.

We booked with Cascade Raft & Kayak and went with the half-day South Fork adventure-- lots of rapids and fun! Nobody fell out of the raft, everyone got soaked, and our guide Chase was a brave dude for putting up with a raft full of radio personalities and a club dj!

All of the necessary safety precautions were taken, masks were worn on the bus up to the drop in at the river, and I haven't had that much fun in a long time.

Looking for something different to do? I can't stress this enough: you've got to try a rafting adventure! They've got routes and plans for everyone-- even if you want something more calm. This past weekend was one that I've needed--bad!

Check out Cascade Raft & Kayak, HERE.


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💦 Splish Splash! Shouts to @cascaderaft for getting us outdoors for some fun over the weekend! 🚣‍♀️

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