Let's rally, friends! Meridian City Hall is hosting a food truck rally and it's on a Friday. Take off work early and wear your stretchy pants.

On Friday, April 14th, the food trucks will gather in celebration of National Library Week. The event is literary themed and will be at the Meridian City Hall.

All the festivities are planned to bring people together to kickoff the Book-a-Bike program and to be able to spend an evening with your friends and neighbors.


What: Food Truck Rally

Where: Meridian City Hall

Time: 5:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Someone who decides to make a night of it could go home with a brand new bike from Meridian Cycles valued at $300. I'd say the trip is worth it.

Plan ahead for your dinner. That's so me. I have to check out websites to see what they serve and figure out what I'm going to order even before the event starts. I want to make sure I've tried everything.

The food trucks attending the event are:


  • El Paco
  • The Rusty Dog
  • Il Segretro Wood Fired Pizza
  • Tiki Teiyaki
  • Scotty's Dogs
  • Big Valley Ranch Burgers
  • The BBQ Guy
  • Tiki Shaved Ice
  • Slow River Coffee
  • V-Fursion

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