This is the post you didn't want to see in a headline. RECALL: Birth Control Defect! I was just posting up about the Asbestos scare with Claire's make-up recall when this birth control alert comes through.

The FDA just announced that several lots of birth control pills are now being recalled due to order displacement. That means maybe your placebo that you would normally take around menstrual days could be the actual birth control pill.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. YOU HAVE ONE JOB! Birth control is all about timing right? The order of the pills? It's like showing up to an automated car wash and they forget the soap! What about going through a drive, ordering a happy meal for your kid, and you get home to find out there's no toy! You have ONE job!

Luckily, there have been no unexpected pregnancies reported at this time. I'm wondering if that's a temporary statement. What if nobody is reporting because they just figured they got pregnant? How many times have you heard of someone getting pregnant while on birth control?

If you notice that you're using the following brands you can return it to the pharmacy. Make sure to contact your doctor for advice.

NDC Number Lot Number

  • 60505-418-3 7DY008A
  • 60505-418-3 7DY009A
  • 60505-418-3 7DY010A
  • 60505-418-3 7DY011A


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