There are few things that folks here in Boise love more than biking, dogs, locally brewed beer, and...Boise.  If I had to add something that may trump that list, it would be being "Boise Kind". Friendliness is just a characteristic of our town and we see it time and time again through various veins of charity work here in the community and even in our own streets and neighborhoods. Part of what makes Boise what it is, is this sense of charming kindness.

Believe it or not (and yes, it's Boise, so it won't come as a surprise) there's an entire DAY dedicated to Boise Kind-- a new initiative to keep acts of service and kindness alive in our city. That day just happens to be this coming Saturday, June 22nd.

Sure, Boise Music Festival lands on that day but it's just another reason to be kind. Each year we throw this massive concert for our community and if you're coming out, spread a smile, share the shade, pass the cold water and just be Boise Kind.

There are also a handful of Boise Kind events happening over the weekend that you can partake in, too. See those, HERE.

Experience or witness an act of kindness here in Boise recently? Submit yours for the official act of kindness counter, HERE.


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