Idaho lawmakers are looking to eliminate tax on food. This would mean that we could go to the grocery store and pay the exact amount of the food with no tax. Take a look at your receipts and see what you would save each time you go to the store.

The elimination of tax on food would expand beyond the grocery store checkout line.


"We're taxing a basic human right. We're taxing food,” said Christina Stucker-Gassi with the Idaho Organization of Resource Councils. “And when we do that, we're hurting the people in our community that are most vulnerable."


There's such a thing called the grocery tax credit where you can actually get money back at the end of the year from paying for food at the store.

With this new proposal, the sales tax would be taken off of food at the register. This would allow money upfront rather than waiting until now (tax season) to get that money back.


The proposal has been submitted to the House Revenue and Taxation Committee.

So now we wait...


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