Now, Boise may be named “the city of trees,” but now maybe for more reasons than just one. This Boise Brunch spot is bringing a new meaning and twist to brunching in the Treasure Valley. 


But first, let’s take a look at what you voted for the Treasure Valley’s top brunch spots in every city!


Best Brunch Restaurants in the Treasure Valley, as Voted by You

Brunch spots in the Treasure Valley


Alright, now back to champagne trees.


So, you may have heard of a new “brunchette” place called “Huck House” that opened just last year. Since then - it has instantly become a local favorite. Honestly, there’s not a day of the week that this place isn’t packed.


Why you ask? Well, outside of the INCREDIBLE food is the trendiest mimosas you’ll ever see. Some of them come with real (edible) roses, glitter, or other unique attributes. Dubbed the best names to match the offering.


Just take a look:


A Look Inside Boise's Trendiest Brunch

When it comes to brunch, the weekend crowds here in the Treasure Valley do NOT mess around. There's a little bit of everything around town but we learned over the weekend that there's something special about the locally owned and operated Huck House Brunchette here in Boise, Idaho.


With Huck House’s wild success, a second “brunchette” location was announced: Blue Bench, obviously, located in The Bench part of Boise. And with this opening came a new way to mimosa: Mosa Trees.


They’re wildly adorable and also very affordable. Take a look:


Blue Bench Brunchette and Mimosa Trees


And it just keeps getting better. How, you may ask?


Well, because the owners announced a THIRD location that will be in McCall and coming soon, called “Brunchette on the Lake.” 


To say we’re excited is an understatement. With already extremely limited breakfast options in McCall, this new spot is sure to be a hit!


Check it out:


From Huck House to Brunchette on the Lake


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