We talk about Kvell Fitness & Nutrition a LOT around the radio station. That's because THIS local business is for many of us, what keeps the sanity there. A couple of years ago, Kvell Fitness & Nutrition offered our entire office a group fitness challenge. It was a really fun team building exercise that in the long run, became a necessity for many of us. The ease, functionality, and entire convenience of the system at Kvell Fitness & Nutrition is so addictive-- if I miss a workday at the gym, I'm a grumpy guy!

I'm already hearing so many people say that their big, bold, 2021 resolutions have gone by the wayside. We're barely two-months into the year--don't let that slip just yet! Look, the past 12-months have been a whirlwind and we have all lived thorough something that many of us never could have imagined. It will be something we look back on and tell stories of--something that literally makes history books. But just because when the year turned 2021, COVID still existed and concerts didn't magically re-appear doesn't mean we need to let ourselves sulk in the same rut that we may have found ourselves in last year.

If health, fitness, and nutrition were any part of your 2021 resolution and you want to either take it to the next level or prevent that "slip", I can't recommend Kvell Fitness & Nutrition enough. Just last month we wrapped up a 6-week fitness challenge and our grand prize winner, Holli A. of Boise, lost TWENTY total inches and nearly 10% body fat. In SIX WEEKS. The workouts, the nutrition guidance, the accountability and really the comradery that is at Kvell will change your life.

Let the team know that we sent you over-- you can take a stab at 21 days of Kvell for just $1! If you hate it, they'll give you your four quarters back. Take it from me--you'll love it. I never thought I would love a GYM the way that I do. That's simply because Kvell is more than that.

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