Whenever there's a need, it seems that folks in Boise band together and help find a way to fill it: every single time. We may mention that a lot but it's really astonishing to watch. So often these "needs" pop on social media or a heart wrenching story surfaces and the internet responds overnight. As amazing as these stories might be--and as crucial as that help is-- there are every day heroes that are filling needs that never make "center stage" and we want to show some love to an example of just that.

West Ada School District has begun helping families (and kids) out with dentals needs. The new offering gives families the option to have their child's teeth cleaned and also offers fluoride and sealants.  The program understands that there IS a need for families in West Ada to have these services available.

What might seem "routine" or for some, "dreaded" in a dental cleaning is really important for the success of a child in the classroom. There are several layers to this.

First, many health issues can stem from dental issues--like headaches, pain, and many others. The sooner a child is able to get into routine dental cleanings, the better off their health is going to be.

Confidence in a student is another factor as every child deserves to be able to SMILE. If a child isn't confident in a classroom, they certainly aren't going to be in a mindset that will foster a motivation to learn or speak up.

Finally, the cost associated with these services is far from cheap and these days, a financial break for ANY family is warmly welcomed-- this clinic is free and should definitely be taken advantage of.

The Meridian Schools Clinic can be contacted with questions at 208-514-2527

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