What will impact Idaho and other states if the leaked Supreme Court ruling repealing Roe v. Wade is valid? Idaho is one of thirteen states that passed a 'trigger law.' A trigger law is a law that will go into effect once Roe v. Wade is overturned.

The current tsunami of a story from Politico states that Roe is done by a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling. We've determined that abortion will return to a state-right issue and not a national one. In other words, you will have states where abortion is illegal and states where it's legal. Idaho's legislature passed it, and Governor Little signed it into law in 2020.   

"We have the best trigger law in the country," according to David Ripley, Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life. Once SCOTUS decides, let's say it is 5-4 to end Roe, it will take a few days before the Idaho law will go into effect. You can read the actual law here.  

Mr. Ripley told us how the law was passed and the details. "When we passed the law, many people thought of it as an exercise in hope; I believe the lord had intentions that we didn't know about." The new law will criminalize abortions in Idaho with the exceptions of rape and incest. Police documentation will be required to document a rape, and child protective services will have to provide a report concerning incest.  

Ripley shares that it took decades of work by people who died before the law could be challenged. "We could be on the verge of the summer of life in Idaho," says Ripley. He believes that 900 babies' lives will be saved in Idaho if the trigger law is activated.  

Idaho's Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin reacted by urging Idahoans to pray. "This is critical that we pray for these justices." She continued to say, praise God, we need to pray for this decision and that this is something that we have believed in for all our lives; Christians need to get down on their knees and pray for these justices."

Pro Abortion Reaction?

"The pro-choice side becomes unhinged, becoming ruthless to an extent, says Brandi Swindell, CEO, and Founder of Stanton International. She shared her opinion on how Politico broke the story. "It's very likely that it was somebody working within the SCOTUS that wanted the decision to be released to unleash the fury of the pro-abortion left that would possibly change the decision."

Brandi Swindell, who has dedicated her life to saving the unborn, told us what the SCOTUS verdict means to her. "From my heart, this is a wonderful moment for women and humanity, that roe v wade is coming to an end."

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