I keep seeing this viral post on Facebook and other social media platforms. As people face isolation more and more with quarantine and stay at home orders being extended, those in abusive relationships are more in danger than ever.

Here's the post I'm seeing:

If you're stuck in quarantine with a toxic or abusive partner, message me about my handmade soaps (I don't have any) and I will know to continually check in on you.

If you ask me about BUYING my soap (I don't sell any) and include a shipping address, I will know to contact law enforcement.


If contacting the police is not a safe option for you, tell me you want to learn *how to make the hand made soaps* I’ll know we need to talk- leave me your contact information and I’ll call you at the time you request.


There has been an increase in domestic violence cases since this quarantine.


If you're willing, put something similar on your wall. Strength in numbers.


‼️ If this situation also involves a child, please add that you’re interested in buying bubble bath for your kiddo (I don’t sell any)


You are not alone.
You are loved.
You are worthy.


Here is the National DV Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
They are trained and can also help you.

Please share this! Hopefully someone who is in need of help will have someone to talk to.

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