It went just about as perfectly as it could have: we gave away the Perfect Proposal and she said YES!

Over the last several weeks, we received submissions from all across the State of Idaho--men and women alike hoping to be able to pop that big question at The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic and put a ring on it. Of course, this was far from just any ring.

in order to make The Perfect Proposal come to life, we needed to team up with the best--Lee Read Diamonds--to make it all come together. The diamond, valued at over $20,000 was a massive, sparkling prize that any bride to be would love to have weigh down their hand.

After turning over the submissions to you, the voters, the winner was clear, Cole Lowe!

Cole is a police officer here in the Treasure Valley and after spending time with him here at our studios, as we worked to get the "perfect lie" put together--so that we could TOTALLY surprise Michaela, it was so obvious how much she and all of this meant to him.

Michaela was clueless and Friday evening at Night Glow, Cole popped the question and she said, without hesitation, YES.

Thank you Cole, for being so much fun to work with and for of course, your service in our community.

We also want to thank Lee Read Diamonds for teaming up with us--working with you all leading up to the event and ON SITE with Carissa was such a blast and we can't wait to make all of this happen again someday.

You can read Cole's submission, below:

Fist off... this is not why I should win... But why Michaela Rae deserves this.
My girlfriends and I have been dating for ten years (yes I know too long). Our Story stated in the second grade! When we were young, I use to lie and tell people she was my girlfriend lol.

We then reconnected in high school and have been together ever since! If you ever get to meet Michaela, you will truly meet the most loving, caring, and beautiful woman. Michaela is such a dedicated person and deserves more than i could ever give her. Michaela put herself though college and supported me obtaining my career as a police officer. And thats where the story really begins and shows how truly amazing she is.

Unfortunately as a police officer our families are put on the back burner. She has had many nights alone, many cancelled plans, missed holidays, days and weeks alone. In my career, I have had to experience things that change a persons perspective, emotions, attitude, mental health and physical health. This woman has been more than supportive. This woman has kept me going and been my rock. She is there for my best and worst days. The days I cry and the days I smile.

She is the definition of selflessness. She is and will always be the reason I am here and keep going. I want to marry this woman, I want to have kids with this woman, and I want to be with this woman for the rest of my life.

I don't deserve to win this ring, but she sure as hell does.

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