It is supposed to rain during Idaho's Largest Garage Sale and this is a really good thing - especially for you! No, this isn't sarcasm. 

Saturday is the best day of the week for garage sales. Sunny days bring people out in droves. Sunny Saturdays are absolute insanity. I mean, it has all the crazy-making factors: Deals, great weather, bargain shoppers (

This is why we want rain. Yes, seriously. Garage Sale Gal says, "It pays to play in the gloom."

Benefits for you (as a shopper):

  • Less of a crowd to fight through.
  • Great finds aren't gone within the first 20 minutes.
  • Less pressure to grab that "one thing" before someone else does.
  • In many cases, an addition item and/or freebies are offered due to the weather

Grab those cute rain boots and come to Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. This won't stop us from being live on the air, joining you on your shopping venture and hanging out at Expo Idaho with you! We plan to take advantage of the great finds, too!

See you there, friends!

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