We want all kids to feel like they're safe and belong when they're in school, right? Well, in an attempt to make sure all students feel welcome, Boise Schools recently started asking students via surveys to report back with their preferred pronouns.

Meaning, students are being asked what gender they align most with, and how they'd like to be addressed as such.

Some parents support the movement, while others are not so keen to the idea. One conservative activist writes:

Radical gender theory is a catch-all term for academic queer theory, transgender ideology, and gender identity activism.

Here's the sticking point: Boise Schools are not required to ask a student's preferred pronoun. While information is still coming in, it appears that some (but not all) teachers delivered the surveys to students.

An attorney for the Boise School District laid out their stance:

During the course of the fulfillment of this [public records] request, Boise School District discovered that, in an attempt to develop healthy relationships with new students, some teachers provided forms where students could voluntarily provide their preferred pronouns. Any information gathered remained solely with the teacher.


This is not a preferred practice in the Boise School District. We reminded all staff that to protect the privacy and safety of all students, we do not request or require a student or staff person to provide preferred pronouns for any reason. However, if a student or staff member volunteers or proactively requests the use of preferred pronouns, we honor their request.

How do you feel? Should schools be trying to make students more comfortable by using their pronouns of choice? Let's chat.

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