It's PAYDAY!!! Best Buy has an incredible $100 off deal on the 38 mm Apple Watch Sport. With most of my Christmas shopping behind me, I can afford to treat myself to one if I want it.  But should I?

After reading some reviews I'm torn and that's why I'm asking our 103.5 KISS FM listeners who may have one for their honest review, including what they do and do not like about the watch.  I'm a serious runner and a minimalist when it comes to hitting the Greenbelt/trails, so I don't like the fact that the watch doesn't have built in GPS and that I'd have to carry my phone with me.

But I do like the idea of being able to use it to track my sleep cycles, make calls and delete e-mails from it.

If I order today, it could be at my dad's house by the time I arrive for my vacation! So post up and tell me what you do/do not like about your Apple Watch!