The isn't anything to blow off considering borders are being shut down around China but should you be worried about this Wuhan coronavirus?

I reached out to my friend in marketing at Saint Alphonsus who linked me up with Samantha Birch and Mark Snider who have been flooded with questions. So, should we worry?

I spoke with Samantha Birch, Infection Prevention Specialist at Saint Alphonsus Hospital, had some surprising things to say I wanted to share.

The number one thing you might be interested in knowing is her response to the question, "should we be worried about the Wuhan coronavirus in Boise? Meridian? Idaho?" Samantha responded with a simple, "no." I asked a nurse a week ago with an identical response so It didn't completely surprise me. Birch went on to explain, "Unless you've traveled to Wuhan in China or come in contact with someone carrying the virus you're fine."

Really? I found out talking with Samantha that there's an eye on this virus but the real killer in the United States is very familiar with the flu. Almost 7,000 people have died from influenza this season according to Birch. That's our focus and should be yours according to every medical professional I've asked.

So, what now? Protect yourself from the flu first and if you're doing all these things you should be safe. Everyone on this list is common sense.

  • Wash your hands because that can wash the virus right off. Wash. Wash. Wash.
  • Don't touch your eyes, nose, or put fingers in your mouth. Fingers get into those mucus membranes and infect everything.
  • Did I say wash your hands? Wash your hands.

When should I go get checked in a worst-case scenario I think I'm infected? I would suggest always going to the doctor as a precaution. Nobody is going to turn you away because you pay for those services. That said, if you haven't come in with someone from Wuhan or traveled there I wouldn't be concerned.

If you feel sick just goto the doctor.


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