That got your attention right? Who doesn't have 10 different apps to locate and destroy the best deals on airline tickets. I mean we have an app to get us the best deal on pretty much everything but flights? Let's go!

Do you know anyone that's taking vacations, trips or weekend getaways right now? Seems like some of the most trending photos during the coronavirus are empty pictures of everything. What does it look like in an airport?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we're seeing constant price drops that only benefit you. Nobody is planning a trip right now and that motivates airlines to figure out how to get you back. They say over the next 4 months that you will witness some of the cheapest prices ever in your inbox. So, what now? Should you splurge and where can you really get the best deals?

  • Skip all those third parties and go direct. I've heard that for a long time but now I'm getting that feedback more now than ever. They say canceling your trip is much easier because we don't know what's going to happen. Some of those third parties don't offer cancelations without big fees.
  • If you do decide on a third party make sure there is a refundable option.
  • The further ahead of the date is the best purchase.
  • Prices will continue to drop over the next 4 months.
  • The most important portion of your purchase is the current change/cancellation.

Check out the individual airlines because I'm reading that some have changed policy due to the coronavirus.

Good luck and if you find a killer deal please let your brother know 😃

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