If you have never been to a silent disco before, you have definitely been missing out. This Thursday, there's going to be a really great chance to partake in one and I would highly recommend you check it out!

During my first weekend in college, one of the main orientation events for our freshman class was a giant silent disco on a soccer field. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into but despite the headphone situation, it was a great way to have fun and meet people. The event kind of forces you to be yourself because, well, there's no sound outside of those headphones. It can also be a fun experience taking them off and watching everyone dance in complete silence--some mumbling the words or singing along shamelessly because they can't hear themselves over the music in their headphones. As these types of events grow in popularity, local operations like 'Kaleidisco' are finding ways to make them bigger and better!

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 5th, Kaleidisco will be throwing a silent disco...for a cause! Proceeds from your tickets to participate are going to go to St. Luke's Children's Hospital--right here in the Treasure Valley. Not only will this fun event be giving back to a great cause, but it's being held at an AWESOME venue that offers a great view of the city-- Zee's Rooftop Cafe!

The event is for 21+ only and starts at 6:30 with Silent Disco starting at 8:30. Tickets are $20.

For more, click HERE.

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