Do you know those types of businesses that just feel a little like home when you're there? The one's that you know are there and take for granted how accessible they are? Well one of those, in my mind, is closing this month and I'm pretty sad about it!

No, I would never venture as far as to call myself a regular at Sockeye Brewing on Cole Road in Boise...but I would certainly consider myself a pretty obsessed patron. Sockeye Brewing on Cole is a place that I share a ton of memories with and will soon be closed. I've had drinks with friends, gone there just for the unreal salmon dinner, and even watched a TON of Gonzaga basketball there over the years. In fact, three years ago next month, it was at Sockeye Brewing on Cole that I decided I would be accepting this job, and coming back to Boise. It was a sentimental moment!

At the end of the month, this location will be closing as the shopping area that Sockeye is a part of was recently purchased by a group that has a different vision for the space. Sockeye agreed that there are aspects of their facility that they find too important to let go of, and are now on the hunt for a new location.  The location on Fairview will remain open and will face no changes due to this decision!

The "last hurrah" is on Saturday, March 30th from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

See more on the event, HERE.

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