Have you heard of the #AllInChallenge? It's a celebrity-driven fundraiser that offers up once in a lifetime experiences to anyone for a buy-in bet starting at $10. There's tons of things on there, like coffee with the cast of Friends, a visit from Justin Bieber who would then serenade you, writing a joke for SNL, and going on a double date with Ciara and my quarterback Russell Wilson.

And the amount that someone paid for that double date? $240,000. Bruh what??!! A quarter of a million dollars to hang out with Cici and DangeRUSS. Now, I think they seem like the sweetest, nicest people in the world, but their videos are a bit cringe.

The date is complete with a private flight to meet up, and then RW and Ciara will take the anonymous winner to one of their favorite restaurants.

The online auction is raising money for hunger-related charities and serving people in need while tons of businesses are still closed and people are still out of work.

How much would you pay to go on a double show-date with Keke and I? $10? Raffle only probably. And we'd still have to buy the dinner.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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