You may have been driving around recently and seen a certain Idaho vehicle that made you double-take. Spotted all around Boise, you may have seen a certain tailgate that you truly cannot unsee.


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But, before we reveal this “infamous tailgate”, let’s take a look at some crazy car accidents lately, as well as the shocking and unfortunate news that Idaho is leading the nation in traffic deaths within the last year.


Here’s an example of a crazy hit that happened in Caldwell. A drunk driving accident: here’s what we know.


Father of 3-Year Old Hit by Drunk Driver in Caldwell


And this was a nasty 40-car-pile-up that happened only a few weeks ago this winter:


Idaho Car Crash Footage from Fremont County Local Released


Because of accidents like these, whether from uncontrollable weather conditions to senseless drunk driving, there have been a record amount of traffic deaths in Idaho this past year.


It’s devastating. And locals have a lot of theories on why it might have spiked so much within the past year or so.


Here’s what the community had to say (unfiltered)


What Idahoans have to say about Spike in Traffic Deaths

Try not to spike out your coffee, lol


Alright, now back to the infamous tailgate!


So, there have been a lot of sightings of this particular Idaho vehicle. And it’s been causing a lot of chatter. 


Have you seen it?


Sasquatch Tailgate Turns Heads: What Locals have to say

memorable Idaho vehicles


But I mean, can you blame them? Like who doesn’t love Sasquatch!


We sure do! So here’s some real good sighting pictures:

Bigfoot Pictures


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