It's the one thing that can make or break a morning if you miss it, coffee. My wife is amazed that I can go every day without having a coffee. I know that seems odd considering I'm the host of a morning show but it's true.

Don't disown me because I truly recognize the best local coffee spots like Human Bean, Dutch Bros, Black Rock Coffee and more. Each of these drive-thrus does more than giving back to the community. What about Starbucks?

This is the big beast right because this is kind of the corporate beast of coffee. No matter how great the local coffee is you will always have Starbucks on your block and this week making new during the coronavirus panic.

Starbucks is giving back and in a major way for all the people who give their lives up to save ours.

We decided to bring a little something to people serving our community - people who are experiencing even more uncertainty and unease than we are right now. - Starbucks employee Kyle Hansen

Starbucks employees just started finding these first responders and angels on the front lines and gave them all free coffee. The social media blew up and the trend went viral. Something that was an idea has turned into a company-wide giveaway. Starbucks is giving away free tall brewed coffee to anyone that identifies themselves as a front-line responder. That's it. I was thinking about that and should you need to say anymore?

Here's a shout to all those taking care of us during this difficult time also understanding that their lives aren't being giving free passes. Everyone is in harm's way and it's because of these front-line responders that we have a chance.

Starbucks is making good on its promise through May 3, 2020.

We are awesome at taking a shot at the corporate businesses when we have such great local places. I think it's okay to show them some love on this and more importantly that one person can make a difference.

Nice job!

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